Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Starter Kit - Review

I've been watching Marlena AKA Makeup Geek on YouTube forever.  I think she was one of the first 'YouTubers' I ever watched.  So when she released her own line of makeup, I knew I needed to give it a try.  Although her prices are extremely reasonable, I just never seemed to place an order, I always found something else to spend my money on.  So when Makeup Geek had a ton of deals around Christmas I immediately placed an order.  

I ordered the 9 Eyeshadow Starter Kit.  I figured that this would be a great introduction to the brand, and all of the shadows are pretty natural and wearable.  Plus all of these shadows come in pans, which makes it super easy to store them and create your own palettes.  

The Packaging 

I absolutely love everything about the packaging.  From the colors, to how sleek it is, to the fact that they come in pans.  Since I purchased all of the shadows in the bundle, they came individually wrapped with a little bow.  It was super easy to see the color of each shadow without having to dig through or open anything.  Like I have said about a million times throughout this post already, I love the pans.  When you accumulate as much makeup as I have, nothing is more annoying than excessive or clunky packaging.  The only downside is, if you don't own a magnetic palette to store these you will have to purchase one, but I promise once you use them you will never want to go back!

The Colors

If you watch pretty much any beauty vlogger on YouTube, you have probably heard these names mentioned quite a bit.  This set includes 4 matte shades, 4 shimmer shades, and 1 black shade that goes somewhere in between.

  • Cocoa Bear (Matte) - A warm darker red brown that is perfect for blending colors into the crease
  • Mocha (Matte) - A dark true brown, another shade that is great for deepening the crease and blending colors
  • Creme Brulee (Matte) - An almost orange toned sandy color.  I have been using this first as a transition color in the crease
  • Unexpected (Matte) - A gorgeous cool toned pinky brown shade, which looks slightly purple when next to the right color.
  • Corrupt (Sparkle) - A true black shade.  It does have a bit of sparkle in it, but it doesn't show up too sparkly when applied.
  • Glamorous (Shimmer) - A shimmery gold shade.  This is a must in any palette, I also love any gold that isn't too yellow, so this is perfect.
  • Shimma Shimma (Shimmer) - The perfect champagne color.  This is AMAZING for an inner eye highlight, or all over the lid to add some brightness.   You could probably get away using this as a cheek highlight.
  • Drama Queen (Shimmer) - A dark purple shade, with shimmer throughout.  This swatched much darker on me than it looked in the pan.  I would suggest using an eye shadow base if you want the true purple shade.
  • Prom Night (Shimmer) - A grey purple toned finish.  Depending on what shadows are used with this, it can look more purple.

I love pretty much all of these colors.  I probably wouldn't have picked out Drama Queen on my own since I don't wear a ton of purple shadow, but maybe this will encourage me to try it out a bit more!  I love the mixture of mattes and shimmery colors.  This mix of colors and finishes are perfect for anyone from a beauty beginner, to a makeup junkie.  

The Formulation

I am finding it hard to put into words how much I love the formula of these shadows.  They are so pigmented and smooth.  All of the shades can be built up to be super pigmented, or applied with a light hand for a more soft color.  The shimmer shades are very smooth and buttery, with little fallout.  I'm not sure how Makeup Geek was able to create such quality shadows and charge so little.  If these shadows were carried by a different company, I feel like they would be way more expensive.

Swatches L to R: Shimma Shimma, Unexpected, Prom Night, Drama Queen, Creme Brulee, Glamorous, Cocoa Bear, Mocha, Corrupt

The Price

This kit, minus the magnetic Z Palette, is $50.  That makes each individual eyeshadow a little over $5.50, which is on par with drugstore prices.  This is slightly cheaper than the individual price on the Makeup Geek site, which is usually $6.  If you don't have a magnetic palette to store the shadows in you can purchase the shadows and palette all together for $59, which is still a great bargain. 


If you couldn't tell from everything I've said above, I LOVE these shadows.  I think that this starter kit of essential shadows are a great introduction into the quality of the Makeup Geek products.  The shades they chose in this kit and some essential neutral shades that are perfect for anyone.  Plus you can't beat the price, most shadows this good are more than double the price. I can't wait to check out other Makeup Geek  products.  They have a ton more eyeshadows, foiled shadows, pigments, blushes, contour powders, and brushes.