Lorac 20th Anniversary Alter Ego Lip Collection - Review

Holy. Smokes.  This year Lorac came out with a special collection of 10 lipsticks and 10 coordinating lip glosses in honor of their 20th Anniversary on Cyber Monday.  I was on the fence about posting about this collection, since it is Limited Edition, but even a month after it was released, it is still available on Lorac's website.  But if you want to snag this set, you better hurry, because I don't know how long it will be around!

About The Collection

This set contains 10 full size lipsticks and 10 full size lip glosses, a faux leather box, and a thank you note from Lorac founder Carol Shaw.  This collection is $75, which may seem a little extravagant for some lippies, but let me break it down for you.  Each lipstick retails at $16 each and each lip gloss retails at $15 each.  That means if you went out and bought all of these individually, it would cost you $310!! That is a $235 savings if you buy the set, or $3.75 for each product which is way cheaper than most drugstore brands.  

The tray in the box is removable, which means it can be used to store your new mountain of lipsticks, or anything else!

About the Products

With 10 different shades, there is guaranteed to be a color that works for you.  I would say that there are 3 distinct groups of colors. 3 nudes, 4 brights, and 3 vampy colors.  

The Nudes

I love all three of these more 'nude' colors.  Bombshell is a great light pink shade, and Visionary and Secret Agent are more true brown, nude shades that will look gorgeous on many different skin tones. 

  • Bombshell (Limited Edition) - Peachy Pink
  • Visionary (Limited Edition) - Taupe Brown
  • Secret Agent - Plum Brown

Nude Shades (L to R): Bombshell, Visionary, and Secret Agent

The Brights

I am so excited to try the purple shades.  They aren't colors that I would normally pick up for myself.  As for the pinks, I have a number of lipsticks and glosses that are super similar to Party Girl and Hot Shot.  But you can never have too many bright pinks!

  • Free Spirit - Deep Magenta
  • Beauty Guru (Limited Edition) - Deep Lavender
  • Party Girl (Limited Edition) - Guava
  • Hot Shot (Limited Edition) - Hot Pink

Bright Shades (L to R): Free Spirit, Beauty Guru, Party Girl, and Hot Shot

The Vamps

I was probably most excited about some of the darker shades, mainly MUA.  It is a much darker shades than I would ever buy.  It is a dark, almost black, purple reddish color.  I am very excited to give this one a try. 

  • Celebrity (Limited Edition) - Brick Red
  • Dominatrix - Deep Burgundy
  • MUA (Limited Edition) - Black Cherry

Vampy Shades (L to R): Celebrity, Dominatrix, MUA

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about this collection.  Literally nothing.  It has a shade for everyone, the lipsticks are long lasting, when you break it down it is pretty reasonably priced, and it has its own storage container.  I'm not sure what else you could ask for!  If you have a little extra money to splurge I would highly recommend ordering this set!