Degree #TryDry - Spray Deodorant Review

Deodorant is one of those staples in everyone's daily routine, and I was lucky enough to be selected through Influenster to try the new Degree Dry Spray Deodorant.  I have been a religious user of the click up solid or gel deodorant, so I was excited to give this spray deodorant a try.

I'm totally obsessed with the 'Fresh Energy' scent.  It was one of those scents that wasn't overbearing, but I would notice it every once in a while throughout the day.  It is also super easy to apply, quick drying, and doesn't leave those annoying white deodorant marks, that let everyone know you changed our outfit 10 times that morning.  

This claims to last 48 hours, which I was instantly was skeptical of.  I'm not sure any deodorant would last 48 hours, especially with showering.  That being said, I would have to say that this deodorant lasted only a couple of hours on me.  

I found that during a normal work day, mainly sitting at my desk or traveling in my car, and it would wear off by the time I made it home.  I also tried out this deodorant on a day when I was helping a friend move.  Needless to say between loading and unloading the moving truck, I was pretty sweaty.  I quickly noticed, that the deodorant didn't really prevent any body odor from coming through.  I kind of just smelled sweaty, with a bit of the powdery, flowery scent from the deodorant mixed in.

Overall I would have to say that this deodorant is perfect for day to day wear, with its easy and quick application and great scent.  But for more intense days, or workouts it might not quite cut it.  

Have you tried any spray deodorants?  What did you think?

This post was sponsored and I was provided this product through Influenster, however all opinions and views are my own.