Make Up For Ever - Aqua Rouge Liquid Lipstick Review

My attempt to get back to blogging has once again failed, and my life has become even crazier.  In all the madness I managed to swatch a few of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Liquid Lipsticks.  

I hadn't seen too many reviews or posts about these lipsticks, but given my current obsession with any type of long wearing liquid lipstick and my general lack of will power when it comes to shopping, I picked up one of these lipsticks at Sephora a while ago.  The first one I tried was shade 16 which is a bright pink color.  I quickly fell in love and ordered two more shades online.

This liquid lipsticks are waterproof, smudgeproof, and unlike most liquid lipsticks, these have the shine of a lip gloss.  At $24 these are a bit on the pricier side,  but on par with many of the other high end lipsticks.  The liquid lipstick side had a doe foot applicator, but I find it is usually easier to apply this with a small lip brush.  The clear top coat has a small brush applicator, which works pretty well, but my only caution with this is to make sure that the color has completely dried on the lips.  If it hasn't dried completely, which takes about a minute or so, it will tint the brush

Edited 3.jpg

Shade 16:  This one is by far my favorite, and might even be giving my Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Backstage Bambi a run for its money.  Shade 16, is a bright fuchsia pink color that is perfect for a bright pop of color, especially in the summer months.  Although I do have to admit, this color with a simple black winged eyeliner is one of my go to looks year round.

Shade 16

Shade 19: This shade is described on Sephora's website as Pomegranate Pink.  I don't know if I quite agree with this description.  When I think of pomegranates, I think of more of a deeper color, but maybe that is just me.  I really like this color, it is a bit more muted than the bright pink of shade 16.  It is still a great bright color for spring or summer, but a bit more wearable for everyday.

Shade 19

Shade 11:  I bought this color because the description online was that it was a dark raspberry color.  I thought this would be an amazing dark vampy color that would be a perfect shade once fall came around.  Now this color looks amazing in the tube, and even the actual color when applied is amazing, if it would only apply evenly.  I debated even including a picture with this shade because it came out so terribly!  I tried many times to get it to apply or dry evenly.  I don't know if I received one with a bad formula, or if the darker shades are just patchy, but I thought this one was awful.  It did not go on evenly and looks patchy.  I thought that maybe once the clear top coat was on it would smooth it out, but no luck!  You can even see on the swatches below on my arm, how patchy the darker shade came out!

Shade 11

Swatches (L to R): Shade 16, Shade 11, and Shade 19

Overall, I love these liquid lipsticks!  They are extremely long lasting and keep their shine through out eating and drinking!  My only recommendation is to go to the store and give them a try first to make sure that the shade you want isn't patchy and uneven.  

Let me know if you give any of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge Liquid Lipsticks a try and what you think of them!