Soap Cherie Body Scrub + Lotion - Review

On a recent trip to Brooklyn with friends I was rather proud of the little amount of money I spent shopping.  A part from buying a hat, which was a necessity, my only spending spree was at Soap Cherie, an adorable bath and body shop.  

Soap Cherie creates handmade, natural, and organic body products.  Their products include soap, candles, scrubs, lotions, bath bombs, and much more.  I could have walked around the shop for hours looking at all the super cute bath shakes and soap cupcakes.  

The bag from Soap Cherie...didn't quite survive being packed in a suitcase

I picked up the body scrub and lotion in Magnolia (although they did spell it wrong on the adds to the handmade charm!) while I was there, and since I purchased a full set of the scrub/lotion they included a free Rose Garden soap.  

This body scrub is AMAZING.  It is made with Dead Sea Salt to exfoliate and remove any dead skin, while nourishing and smoothing your skin.  I have been using this scrub about once a week to battle dry, flaky skin brought on by winter weather. 

The lotion is just as great as the scrub.  Since I just ran out of my go-to body butter, this purchase could not have come at a better time.  It makes my skin so incredibly soft and smooth, with out being too greasy or thick.  

I love the scent of both of these products, and luckily using them together doesn't create an overwhelming or overpowering scent, but leaves a light scent that lingers throughout the day.  I haven't tried out the soap yet, but it smells amazing!  I will keep you posted as soon as I give it a try!

Overall I absolutely love both of these products.  If you are ever in Brooklyn I highly recommend checking out their shop.  If you can't visit in person, their website is