Flower Cosmetics Review

In early 2013, Drew Barrymore launched Flower Cosmetics.  I have heard mixed reviews from different bloggers about the products in this line.  Some say that for a "drugstore" brand the products and packaging, but other claim exactly the opposite, that the packaging is cheap and the products are less than great.  So I decided to try this brand for myself.  Over the last couple months, every time I stopped at Walmart I would pick up one or two items.  I bought a wide range of the products so that  I could try products for the face, eyes, and lips. 

Here is my complete review of each product...

About Face Foundation with Primer & Lighten Up! Brightening Concealer

I was hopeful about this foundation, because for almost $14, it ranges on the higher price range of the drugstore brands.  I love the packaging of this foundation, it is a glass bottle with rose gold details.  This product is marketed as " skin-smoothing moisture w/ natural and seamless coverage"  and also boasts an SPF of 15, which is always good to have a little extra sun protection.  

I also picked up the brightening concealer.  I love a good brightening concealer, but I cannot explain how much I don't like a click pen applicator.  I think they are cheap and applicators like this can easily become clumpy and gross. 

Before - No Makeup

After using Flower Foundation and Brightening Concealer

I followed my normal routine when applying the foundation and concealer, which includes my Hourglass Primer first and a damp Beauty Blender to apply the product.  For the price range, I love this foundation.  It covered my redness, and evened out my skin.  This foundation lasted through out the day with out clinging to dry patches or oxidizing to a darker shade.  As much as I loved the foundation, I disliked the concealer.  Like I said before I hate click pen applicators.  I feel like over time the brush can hold on to bacteria and cause breakouts.  Despite my dislike towards the applicator, the actual product is very clumpy and thick.  I also feel that it didn't fully cover my dark under eye circles.  

Verdict: Foundation - A big thumbs up! The shade range is slightly limited so I hope they come out with more shades soon! 

Verdict: Concealer - A big thumbs down.  Thick and clumpy, and didn't cover my dark circles.

Color Play Creme Eye Shadow & Shadow Play Eye Shadow Quad

I heard the most positive reviews about the creme eye shadow.  I picked up the shade 'Awesome Blossom' because I thought it would be the perfect shade for the coming fall months.   I love creme eye shadows as a base for powder shadows to give them a boost and help them last longer.  

I also picked up an eye shadow quad.  I absolutely love these colors.  It doesn't show up overly well in the pictures, but the darkest brown shade has beautiful, almost red, sparkles throughout.  In addition to the more sparkly shade, this palette has some great matte shades for blending and highlighting.

Overall I really liked the creme shadow, it lasted all day and didn't crease.  It also blended out extremely well, so this would be good to use as a bold base, or sheered out for a slightly lighter color.  I also liked the eye shadow quad, it has a good range of shimmer and matte shades that blend out nicely.  I wish that these shadows were slightly more pigmented, but overall for the price point, this quad is pretty great.

Verdict: Creme Eye Shadow - In Love!  This is hands down my favorite product from the Flower cosmetics line that I picked up, I can't wait to go try out some other colors.

Verdict: Eye Shadow Quad - I don't dislike this eye shadow quad, but I'm not about to run to the store and buy all the shades.  I think that there are numerous better options, especially for $10.

On Your Mark Liquid Eye Liner

This eye liner is marketed as a "color intense eye liner with water resistant performance".  This turned out to be my least favorite product that I picked up.  I tried the black shade, but I found that it was more of a pale, light color, that came off blotchy and uneven.  I tried to build up the color with an additional coat but it just continued to be the same dull color.  

Verdict: Eye Liner - Disappointing.  Even with multiple layers it still failed to be truly black.  

Here is my makeup using the 'Awesome Blossom' Creme Eye Shadow, 'Smoke and Mirrors' Eye Shadow Quad, and the On Your Mark Eye Liner in 'Black'

Lash Knockout Volumizing Mascara

I am a sucker for a good volumizing mascara, my lashes are generally pretty long, but a little bit more sparse than I would like.  This mascara is meant to "lengthen and nourish lashes with red seaweed" and have an "easy application and superb adherence".  Before I tried this mascara, I liked the brush.  I am not a fan of the plastic, spiney bristles, and generally tend to favor the more full brushes.

Here are some pictures before and after the mascara application.  Overall I liked this mascara, I don't think it will replace some of my all time favorites, but it certainly is not a flop.  For $7, this did exactly what it said it would.  My lashes were lengthened and volumized, and it lasted throughout the day.  I wouldn't recommend this mascara if you are going for a dramatic and daring look, but it is perfect if you are looking for more natural lashes with a little bit of flare, than this mascara is perfect.  

Verdict: Mascara - Overall I have no complaints about this mascara!  It lengthens and adds some volume for a natural look.

Before mascara application

After mascara application

After mascara application

Glow Baby Glow Blush/Bronzer Duo

I picked up the blush and bronzer duo in the shade 'Gloriously Golden', mainly because I liked the baby pink shade of the blush, but I was a little worried that the bronzer was a bit too red and shimmery to use as a contour.  I used the bronzer to warm up my face and applied the blush to the apples and tops of my cheeks.  I wished that the blush was a bit more pigmented since it took quite a bit of product to get it to even remotely show up.  

Verdict: Blush/Bronzer Duo - Both shades were very blendable and smooth, but I wish the bronzer was a bit more matte and less red, and I wish the blush was a bit more pigmented.  

Flower Kiss Stick High Shine and Velvet Lip Color

To feed my lipstick obsession I purchased three lip sticks from Flower Cosmetics.  Two of the lip sticks are high shine and one is a velvet matte.  The high shine lipsticks are in the shades 'Baby Buttercup' and 'Sweet Peony', and are meant to provide volumizing "extreme shine".  The velvet lip stick is in the shade 'Rosey Garden' and is a matte lip stick made with "emollient oil to improve shine for a rich creamy application".  I like the packaging because you can see the color of the lipstick on the bottom of the packaging.  That being said, I thought the 'Baby Buttercup' and 'Sweet Peony' lipsticks were different shades from the outside of the packaging, but once they were applied, they are extremely similar.  So, just be wary that the color might not be exactly what it appears. 

Verdict: Lip Sticks - Overall I love these lip sticks, both the matte and the high shine.  My only complaint is that the color on the outside of some of the packaging doesn't closely match the color of the actual product.

Overall, I give Flower Cosmetics a thumbs up.  Although I didn't like the eye liner and the concealer, I think that some of the other products will find a home in my go to makeup collection, and for the price point the products and packaging are great.