theBalm Review

theBalm is a cosmetics company that has been around for 10 years, but is not as widely known as some others.  I have heard people on blogs and YouTube rave about different products from theBalm, but was apprehensive to try them.  If I am going to spend $20 on a blush, or $40+ on an eye shadow palette I want to at least test them out first.  So when I was at Kohl's and found that they now carry theBalm products, I was beyond excited.  

After many swatches and internal debates, I decided to start out with  the products I have heard the most about.  I picked up 3 blushes, a bronzer, a translucent powder, a luminizer, and an eye shadow palette.  

theBalm Products.

Let's start with the eye shadow palette, since that one happens to be my favorite.  The Nude'tude palette has 12 neutral shadows, 7 shimmer and 5 matte.  All of the colors are incredibly smooth and silky.  My current favorite combination is the shade 'Seductive' all over the lid, 'Sultry' through the crease, and 'Sleek' along the lash line.

The top row of shadows

The bottom row of shadows

On to the blushes.  I picked up three blushes, 2 standard blushes and one long lasting blush.  

'Hot Mama' blush is a peachy-pink shade with some shimmer to it.  I like this blush because although it is shimmery, it isn't over the top.  It gives just enough of an illuminating glow to the cheeks.

The 'Down Boy' blush is a beautiful baby pink shade.  It looks lighter in the pan, but is quite bright on the skin, so be sure to use a light hand when applying this!

Instain blushes are meant to be very long wearing.  It is supposed to be a cheek stain in powder form.  I haven't tried this blush for a full day, so I can't speak to the staying power of this product, but I am very excited to try it.  

The shade I picked up is 'Argyle', it is a true pink shade, that blends out beautifully on the skin.

'Bahama Mama' is a matte bronzer, that although a bit dark for me right now, will be great to use as a contour or an all over bronzer once my summer tan builds up.  Not that I ever get truly tan, just less pale.  

'Sexy Mama' is a sheer translucent powder that helps to control shine throughout the day.  Now, I in no way have oily skin, but occasionally during the summer months and get a bit of shine in my T-Zone and this powder has already saved me more than once.  It is great at cancelling out any oil, while not adding any color to my skin.

'Mary-Lou Manizer' is probably one of the cutest product names I have come across in the many many different products I have owned over the years.  I was most excited to try this luminizer, in my short stint at Ulta I had a number of guests ask me if we carried this product, or if I knew of a similar product.  Now I finally know why so many people like this.  It is beautiful, silky, and blends perfectly. theBalm describes this luminizer as "honey-hued", which is a perfect description.  It is very shimmery, and a little bit definitely goes a very long way, but once you blend it into the skin it just gives the perfect glow.

Overall, I would say that I am officially hooked on theBalm.  I love the names of the products, the simple and sleek packaging, and the actual product itself is amazing.  I look forward to trying more products from theBalm!

♡ Chelsea