Fishtail Braid

This easy side fishtail braid is one of my go to hair styles for summer.  You can either keep it simple and neat, or loose and messy.   

This braid works best with more textured hair.  I will usually do this when I have second day hair since it tends to hold better.  If you need to add texture, spritz your hair with a sea salt spray.  My current favorite is the Not Your Mothers 'Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray'.  

Spray the product evenly over your hair, avoiding the roots.  

Secure all of your hair into a low ponytail on the side you want the braid.  I recommend using a small elastic since we will be cutting it out later.

Now comes the fun part.  To start section the hair into two equal sections.  Take a small section of hair from outside of section #1 and add it to section #2.  Take a small section of hair from outside of section #2 and add it to section #1.  Repeat this process throughout the the entire ponytail.  Overlapping with smaller sections will give a smaller, tighter braid, and using slightly larger sections will give a more wide, looser braid.  I used smaller sections for this tutorial, but I recommend trying it both ways to see which you like best.  

I have included a link to a quick video showing exactly how I start my fishtail braid.  A little disclaimer, this marks my first attempt at filming and editing videos.  Until I have a better computer and editing software, this is as good as it gets!

Once you have reached the end of the ponytail, secure it with a hair tie.  I chose a small thin elastic so that it wouldn't stand out, but you could always use a cute or colorful hair tie.  

Once the bottom is secured, CAREFULLY cut the first elastic used at the top of the braid.  If you want to keep the braid on the clean, sleek side, you can stop here.  

I my braid to be more on the messy side.  To do this, start pulling the braid apart in the middle and the sides, until the braid looks messy and natural. 

Use bobby pins to pin any out of place hair, and then use hair spray to hold everything in place, and you are good to go!


♡ Chelsea