GlamST App Review

GlamST is a new beauty app that gives you the chance to virtually try on different makeup styles.  

Information about GlamST

It was founded by 2 women from Uruguay, South America.  Both women are engineers, and wanted to create this app to give women an easy way to decide what makeup to wear for the day, and to keep up on the latest makeup trends.  This software has been used by L'Oreal, Dior, YSl, Shiseido and Lancome.  

How does it work?

To use the app you can upload a selfie or use a pre-loaded picture.  With that picture you can set different styles of makeup, or even use celebrity inspired styles.  You can pick between Trendy, Sexy, Edgy, Glamorous, Fresh, or Hipster makeup styles.

One of the three pre-loaded selfies

The different trends to choose from.

For this example I chose to use a selfie that comes with the app.  You can use your own but you have to move dots around your face as markers, and it gets a bit tricky.  The app automatically applies face, lip, and eye products to allow you to see different makeup looks, and a slider bar allows you to see the before and after.

A glamorous makeup look

The before and after of a glamorous makeup look.

Once you find a look you like, you can actually purchase the products used right from the app.  The icon in the bottom left corner will open up a list of products to recreate the look at 3 different price points.  When you tap on a product you want to learn more about, it gives you an option to purchase at Sephora.

Screenshot of a lipstick

Screenshot of an eye shadow quad.

You can also upload your selfie with the new makeup looks to different social media sites.  

Overall Pros and Cons


  • Gives you the chance to find new makeup inspirations
  • View different makeup looks on the same person
  • Shop the products used, directly on Sephora's website
  • Discover products at different price ranges


  • Time consuming to place the markers on your own selfie
  • A lot of the makeup looks are similar
  • Only has 3 pre-loaded models, so there is not a lot of different skin tones or face shapes.

The Verdict

Overall, I think this app is super fun!  I spent quite some time playing with different looks on myself and the pre-loaded pictures.  I really like this app to find new color combinations and on trend makeup looks.  Hopefully as this app becomes more popular, they will expand the number of looks and models.  If you want in on the makeup fun click the link below to down load the app from the iTunes App Store.


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