Make Up For Ever Studio Case - Holidays 2014

Make Up For Ever recently released their new individual eye shadows, which by the way are amazing!  Luckily for this holiday season, they released a palette containing 12 miniature versions of these eye shadows, with a full size eye liner, all packaged in a very handy travel case.

Inside the case there are 12 mini eye shadows, that are organized into 4 different eye looks.  A handy how to guide gives you tips and tricks to create natural, smoky, bold, or chic looks.  Even though these shadows are mini, they are so pigmented and smooth these smaller sizes will last a long time!

The tray the shadows are set in lifts out for a ton of extra storage.  Which makes this case perfect for travel.  You can store your brushes, and other makeup products underneath and out of the way.  The box is pretty sturdy, but I wouldn't plan on packing it in a suitcase, since I get the feeling with a little bit too much pressure, it has the potential to break.

Also included is a full size of their matte black eye liner.  This is great to line the eye, but also makes the perfect base for darker, smoky eyes.

MUFE Eye Liner in M-10

Now onto the eye shadows

Natural shades: M-530, S-516, and I-544

Smoky shades: ME-122, ME-108, and M-100

Bold shades: D-236, D-926, and I-218

Chic shades: I-524, D-826, and ME-828

Of all the color combinations, I think the Bold and Chic are my favorites!  I have tried both of the looks for these from the How To guide, and they are fabulous!

This set is great for someone who likes to travel, since all they need to add are their other favorite makeup products to the case and they are good to go!