Smashbox On the Rocks Eyeliner Set - Holiday 2014

I was very excited when I discovered that Smashbox was releasing this set for the holidays.  I have a couple of the Always Sharp Liners from Smashbox, and they easily rank as some of my favorite beauty products ever.  They glide on easily and once they set, the eyeliners stay all day with out smudging.

Not only is the formula of these eyeliners are amazing, but the packaging genius.  When the tip of the liner gets dull after use, you just twist the lid on tightly until you hear a click.  This click lets you know that the liner is sharp and ready to go, and the best part is there is no wasted product.  When most eyeliner is sharpened, there is a lot of mess and I always feel like I have wasted some of the product.  This 'sharpener' just presses the liner back into a pointed shape, so there is no lost product.  

This set contains 5 full size eyeliners, 3 from the permanent collection and 2 limited edition shades.  The shades include Raven (black), Sumatra (brown), 3D Orchid (black/pink pearl), Midnight (rich carbon blue), and 3D Night Gem (charcoal/multicolored pearl).

This set is valued at $100 (a full size eyeliner is $20 each), so at $39 these eyeliners are a bargain, which makes this a great gift for anyone!