MAC Objects of Affection Gold + Beige Pigments + Glitter - Holiday 2014

MAC's Heirloom Mix Holiday sets are beautifully packaged with glitter and cameos.  I was especially drawn to the Objects of Affection pigments and glitter sets.  These sets contain five mini sizes of glitters and pigments.  I was especially drawn to the gold and beige colors since these are the colors I wear the most.

The plastic container that holds the pigments makes a great decoration and storage container.

This set includes Lithe (peachy nude), English Gilt (bright champagne), Pretty It Up (olive with pearlized pigments), Gold (sparkly chunky gold), and Deep Brown (dark chocolate brown).  These are a great combination of matte, frost, metallic and glitter colors.   

From Left to Right: Lithe, English Gilt, Pretty It Up, Gold, and Deep Brown.

This set is $35 for the five pigments, this comes out to be $7 per pigment (a full size is $21 a piece).  These are slightly smaller than a standard pigment, but still a great bargain.  Since a little bit of these go a long way, these will last quite a long time.