Lorac PRO Matte Lip Color - Magenta

In the last few months Lorac launched their new Matte Lip Colors.  They released 12 shades, from nudes to corals to reds.  I picked up the Magenta shade, which turned out to be more on the darker plum side of magenta, than the pink I am generally used to.  

Overall I really like the formula.  It comes in a twist up crayon style, which makes it easy to apply and travel with.  Even though it is a matte finish, it doesn't dry out my lips and lasts for a pretty long time.  I did have to reapply after eating, but I have yet to find a lip product that looks perfect after a long meal, so I wasn't too disappointed.  The color is a perfect shade for fall.  It is on trend with the plum color, but still has a touch of bright pink.  In the packaging looks much darker than it is when applied to the lips and I think that if this was mixed with a pink lip liner it would look even more pink.

These lip crayons are $16, which puts them on the more affordable side of the more "high-end" lip products, and I think that $16 is well worth the color payoff and formula of these lip crayons.

After I bought and reviewed the Magenta shade, I actually went back to Ulta and bought the Pink shade as well.   And if I know myself, I will probably end up with more of these in the near future.