Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Color

One of Maybelline's newer products are the Color Elixir Lip Colors.  These are marketed as a lip shine with a "balm infused formula".  I had not heard much about these, and to be honest, I only bought these because I liked the packaging.  The base is clear and in the center matches the shade of the product, and is shaped like a lipstick.  I bought the shades 'Captivating Carnation' and 'Mauve Mystique'. I would definitely consider these to be more of a lip gloss than a balm, but they last a lot longer than most lip glosses than I have ever used.  

The formula of these glosses is a bit sticky, but it only lasts for a while, and once the stickiness fades, the color remains for quite a while.  I also find that the color is very sheer.  I did pick up 2 relatively muted shades, so I'm not sure if the more bright, vibrant colors are more pigmented and opaque, but I find that the sheer colors are perfect for everyday wear.  I also find that these glosses are slightly plumping and make your lips appear fuller. 

My one and only complaint is the applicator.  It works perfectly well, and applies the product evenly over the lips, but the almost 'fluffy' applicator is much different than the more spongy ones I am used to.  I can't exactly pinpoint why I don't like this applicator, but if I could switch it out, I definitely would. 

'Captivating Carnation' is a great classic pink color, that is perfect for an everyday look.  'Mauve Mystique' looks like it would be a dark purple color, but when applied it was almost a 'my lips but better' color.  Don't get me wrong, I do like the color, but I wished it was a bit more true to the actual color of the product.

'Mauve Mystique'

'Captivating Carnation'

Overall, I really like these lip glosses, especially since these can be found at the drugstore and only run about $8.  And like I said above, my only complaint is the applicator, and the mismatched colors between the packaging and the actual product.